About RWS

Located in Toronto, Roger W. Snowball creates works of photography that explore our relationship to the landscape, architecture and industry of our environment. In addition some works of an introspective nature, impressions, are offered.

He will collaborate with clients to select images that are meaningful and appropriate, taking into account both the environment and precise location where the photographs will reside.

He studied architecture at McGill University in Montreal, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Architecture (1974) and Bachelor of Architecture (1977). Since 1977 he has been involved in the practice of architecture in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.

Throughout his practice of architecture he has maintained an interest in all the creative visual arts and the philosophical ideas underlying art and architecture. Photography has been his primary medium of personal creative expression.

His photographs draw on his understanding of architectural spaces, composition, materials and aesthetics as well as the potential for a photograph to evoke associations and emotions.

His many years of experience in architectural design make him uniquely qualified to ensure the integrity of the final installed work.