Photography is a journey.

The act of taking the camera in hand means looking with a fresh, intense gaze.
To see the beauty and the ugliness that passes unnoticed every day.
To frame the world, the fragments of it, inside a little square screen.
To notice every detail, each corner, the edges, the centre; the circle, the square, the triangle.
To compose and select, moving through, in, out, side to side, coaxing out the relationships.
To see colours not noticed, but so apparent now.

But there is more to this journey; the deeper reason for embarking – an unknown and unknowable world… linked to the known.

What feelings are these, how could they arise from the looking?

I hope to share these mysterious associations in the images.

“Desire for reality. Earthly nourishment. The substance of things. Sensuality imbued with a shameless search for pleasure. A frank, forthright, unaffected search.
The art, or pleasure of being in the world. The work of art as a mere excuse for an experience.
Stimulus and construction in a subject.
And finally, Forget the real. Search for signs of what is not there, of what exists only in our amnesia: depict the ghosts of our fantasies.”

From “The Real and the Absent” by Norberto Chaves, on the work of Ferran Freixa.
Translation by Ovidio Carbonell